Get Ready for Takeoff: The Top Camera Drones for Kids!

Get Ready for Takeoff: The Top Camera Drones for Kids!

Buying the best drone for kids isn't just about getting into their good books and keeping them quiet. Drones are something you should want your children to play with, as they'll teach them valuable skills.

What to look for when shopping for drones for kids



When shopping for drones for kids, there are several factors to consider to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here's a guide on what to look for:

✔️Age Appropriateness:Check the recommended age range for the drone. Some drones are specifically designed for younger children, while others may be suitable for older kids. Ensure that the drone aligns with the child's age and maturity level.

✔️Ease of Use:Look for drones with simple controls and features that are easy for kids to understand. Models with one-key takeoff/landing, altitude hold, and headless mode can make the learning process smoother.

✔️Durability:Kids can be a bit rough with toys, so opt for drones made with durable materials that can withstand crashes. Propeller guards can also help protect the drone and prevent injuries.

✔️Safety Features:Consider drones with safety features such as propeller guards, low-battery warnings, and emergency stop functions. These features contribute to a safer flying experience for kids.

✔️Size and Weight:Smaller and lightweight drones are generally more suitable for kids. They are easier to handle and pose less risk of causing injury. However, ensure that the drone is not too small to be easily lost or too light to handle outdoor conditions.

✔️Flight Time:Kids may become disappointed if the drone has a very short flight time. Look for drones with reasonable flight durations to maximize the fun.

✔️Charging Time:Consider the charging time of the drone's battery. Shorter charging times mean less downtime between flights.

✔️Remote Control Range:Check the range of the drone's remote control. A reasonable control range allows kids to explore without the drone going out of range too quickly.

✔️Altitude Hold:Drones with altitude hold features help maintain a stable height, making it easier for kids to control the drone without worrying about altitude adjustments.

✔️Headless Mode:Headless mode simplifies the control scheme by making the drone respond to the direction of the transmitter stick, regardless of its actual orientation. This can be beneficial for beginners.

✔️Price:Set a budget that aligns with your expectations. There are affordable drones suitable for kids that offer a good balance of features and durability. 

How do I keep my child safe when they use a drone?



That's a great question! Drones can be a lot of fun for kids, but it's important to take safety precautions to ensure that everyone stays safe. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

✔️Always supervise your child when they're using a drone. Make sure they're using it in a safe and open area, away from people, buildings, and other obstacles.

✔️Teach your child how to operate the drone safely. Make sure they understand how to control the drone and how to land it safely.

✔️Check the weather conditions before flying the drone. Windy or rainy conditions can make it difficult to control the drone, so it's best to wait for calm weather.

✔️Make sure your child understands the rules and regulations for flying drones in your area. Some areas may have restrictions on where drones can be flown, so it's important to check before flying.

✔️ Consider purchasing a drone with safety features such as obstacle avoidance sensors or automatic return-to-home functions.

How old should a child be when piloting a drone for the first time?

A child should be at least four years old before they use a drone.Your child won’t be able to register for a drone license with the FAA until they’re 16, but by the time they reach that age, they’ll practically be pros.

Always supervise young children operating a drone.


The good news is that even the cheapest drones for kids will give them loads of fun. And the most expensive drones will provide them with some serious recording capabilities. If you want a simple yet capable drone for your kids, the JJRC X20 6K Drone is a great place to start.

If your budget is a little bigger, consider Autel Robotics EVO Lite+ Plus. With its 1080p HD camera, folding body, it is an excellent choice in a tough field.

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