JJRC X20 6K 3-Axis Drone Gimbal Profesional Dual HD Camera Brushless Obstacle Avoidance Quadcopter

Sale price$228.00

Color: 1KM Avoid Obsacles 1B

  • Model: JJRC X20 6K Drone (1 km, 3 km optional)
  • Product size: unfolded 41*44*6.5CM folded: 11*18*6.5CM
  • Camera properties: three-axis gimbal
  • Battery: 11.1V 2850MAH 3S
  • Use time: about 27 minutes
  • Charging time: about 5 hours
  • Remote control battery: 3.7V 300MAH (including battery)
  • Height: 120 meters
  • Remote control distance: 1 km: about 1000 meters, 3 kilometers: about 3000 meters (open without interference)
  • Image transmission distance: 1 km: about 500 meters, 3 kilometers: about 3000 meters (open without interference)
  • Main camera video resolution: 2K
  • Main camera photo resolution: 6K
  • Main camera video resolution: 2048*1088
  • Main camera photo resolution: 5700*427
  • The number of frames transmitted by the main camera: 1KM: 25FPS, 3KM: 30FPS
  • 3km bottom camera resolution: 640*480
  • 3 km bottom camera photo resolution: 1280*720
  • Bottom camera transmission frame rate: 25FPS
  • Lens angle: 110°
  • Camera adjustment angle: 90°
  • The weight of the whole set of products: 1100G
  • Product weight: 510G
  • Color box size: 33.6*10.6*22.5cm
  • Packing method: backpack + color box


1: All-round flight function;
2: Dual positioning (gps positioning + optical flow positioning);
3: Brushless power (strengthen wind resistance) + dual speed switching:
4: Three-axis pan-tilt camera, all-round shooting;
5: HD dual camera (6K self-stabilizing ESC camera + bottom HD camera)
6: 5G wifi, long distance, no interference
7: Power optimization, using the latest third-generation battery (11.1V 3S);
8: With headless flight mode;
9: Intelligent return home (3 modes);
10: With surround flight mode;
11: With intelligent follow-up flight mode;
12: With waypoint trajectory programming flight mode



Customer Reviews

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This was a great gift for 50th birthday

We gave as 50th bday present for male and he loves it

Glad I finally bought it.

This purchase was my first serious drone. I was ver happily surprised. Video ease of controls were great. Can't complain so far.

Just shop
?Drone and customer service

Just purchased this drone and it's great, didn't expect it to be so easy to set up and with the flying experience I have to say the price is right plus the customer service is a win win

Christopher T. Medley
Great Customer Service! Speedy Resolution!

After a lot of research I decided to buy this model. Very good drone! The best value for money! Great seller, equipment came with description, very well packaged. It arrived in 12 days (4 days earlier than expected) !


Easy to set up, easy to use.