Best Drones For Youtubers + Vloggers, Videographers

Best Drones For Youtubers + Vloggers, Videographers

In the past few years, Vlog production has become increasingly popular and easier to obtain than ever before. Nowadays, most Vloggers hope to equip their arsenal with drones in order to shoot better videos.

Here are some of the best drones suitable for content creators:

Autel Robotics EVO II: The Autel Robotics EVO II is an aerial drone with the ability to capture 8K video as well as 48 MP photos. With up to 40 minutes of flight time and intelligent flight modes, the drone is capable of longer and richer aerial photography experiences.


FIMI X8 Mini 4k Drone:It has a flight time of 30 minutes, a stabilized 3-axis mechanical gimbal, 4k / 30fps video, five levels of wind resistance and Wi-Fi connectivity to your smartphone even without a remote control. GPS real-time tracking mode, live streaming, night-time shooting and smart safety features make this power-packed drone a reliable drone.


FUNSNAP DIVA 2 Drone 4K:The FUNSNAP DIVA 2 Drone is an impressive piece of equipment for aerial photography! With its 4K camera, 3-axis EIS gimbal, and GPS capabilities, you can capture stunning footage from above. The 5G WIFI and 2KM FPV range allow for real-time transmission and control, giving you a seamless flying experience. It is a professional-grade quadcopter designed to take your aerial photography to new heights!


4K Drone Cfly Faith 2S:The Cfly Faith 2S with a 3-axis gimbal and GPS is perfect for professional aerial photography. With a 7KM FPV (First Person View) range, you'll have a great perspective while capturing stunning shots. 



  • FPV or Regular Aerial Drone? First Person View offers amazing bird like moves, where the remote control drone, you are limited to the controller.
  • Colour Profiles – Using a LOG profile will give you more dynamic range. Other flat profiles help colour grading much easier.
  • Photo Capability – Can it shoot high resolution photos, panorama photos, RAW format?
  • 4K/6K/8K – Do you need super high resolution or just 1080p? Get the right SD card for the drone, as well.
  • Frames Per Second – If you are shooting a regular video with no additional effects, a drone capable of 24-30fps should offer you with sufficiently smooth footage. However, opt for 60fps-240fps if you like using slow motion.
  • Ability to shoot in RAW/DNG format   The benefit of a drone camera that offers you to shoot in RAW/DNG formats is that you can choose from a variety of editing features in post.
  • Flight Time – Most drones offer about 30-40 minutes of flight time.

Best Drones For Vlogging - Summary

If you’re a budding photographer or vlogger looking for the perfect drone to elevate your landscape videos, this article will give you some ideas
Remember, as you embark on your drone photography journey, focus on telling a story with your shots.

Let your creativity flow, experiment with different angles, and, most importantly, enjoy the process.


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