FIMI X8 Mini 4k Drone 3-axis Gimbal 8km FPV Professional Aerial Mini Quadcopter

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color: Pro 1Battery

Item Name: FIMI X8 Mini
Model: FMWRJ04A7
Dimensions: 145x85x56mm(folded); 200x145x56(unfolded)
Drone with standard battery weight: about 258g
Drone with pro battery weight: about 245g
Flight Time: 30mins(fly in windless environment and at a speed of 6m/s)
Max ascending speed: 5m/s
Max descending speed: 3.5m/s
Max flying speed: 16m/s
Satellites positioning system: GPS+GLONASS+BEIDUO
Hovering accuracy:
Vertical: ±0.1m (Within the ultrasonic detecting range);
±5m (when GPS Positioning is active)
Horizontal: ±1.5m
Operating temperature:0-40℃
Suitable alititude:≤4000m

Remote Controller:
Net Weight: About260g
Dimension: 165x89x47mm
Operating frequency: 5.725-5.850 GHz
Type: Rechargeable lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 3500mAh
Norminal Voltage: 3.7V
Input: 5V-2A
Max transmission distance: about8000m

Gimbal Camera:
Controllable rotation range:0°〜-90°(Pitch)
Angular vibration range:±0.005°
Lens: FOV 80°
Camera aperture: f2.0
Camera focal distance: 3.54mm
Equivalent focal distance: 26mm
Sensor: 1/2.6" CMOS
Effective pixels: 12M pixels
ISO range: 100 - 3200
Shutter speed: 32 -1/8000S
Max Video resolution: 3840x2160 30/25/24fps
Max bitrate: 100Mbps
File system: FAT32
Image format: JPG; JPG+DNG
Video format: MP4
Recommended SD card: Micro SD(U3 or above)) 8 - 256GB; (Writing Speed over 70MB/s U3 recommend)

Pro Version Smart Battery:
Type: Lipo 2S
Weight: 86g
Capacity: 2250mAh
Voltage: 7.7V
Limited Voltage: 8.8V
Energy: 17.32Wh
Temperature: 5-40℃

Standard Version Smart Battery:
Type: Li-ion 2S
Weight: 102g
Capacity: 2400mAh
Voltage: 7.2V
Limited Volatge: 8.4V
Energy: 17.28Wh
Suitable charging temperature: 5-40℃

Note: No Wind Warning and Non-Zone Protection
- 250g-Class Ultralight Design: Featuring a 250g-class ultralight and foldable design, the palm sized FIMI X8 Mini lets you feel free to fly, wherever you are. Use its multiple shooting modes to capture unique moments from the sky!
- Two Versions to choose: The standard version is about 258g; the Pro Version is about 245g.
- 8KM Transmission Range: A newly upgraded TDMA image transmission system ensures stabler transmissions and optimized
- 30mins Flight Time: Small but powerful,with 30mins of battery life, the FIMI X8 Mini lets you create the blockbuster of your dreams.
- Type C Fast-Charging Battery: The Type C cahrging port on the battery allows for 9V/3A rapid charging.
- Stabilized 3-Axis Mechanical Gimbal: The FIMI X8 Mini combines a lightweight 3-Axis mechanical gimbal with the latest professional control algorithm for a much better accuracy of 0.005°. Excellent performance stable recording.
- 4K HDR Video:The camera features 4K/30fps video and a highly dynamic range, meaning clearer footage. Video are shot in the H.265/HEVC codec,with DNG and F-log format supported.
- Direct Flight with Your Smartphone: The drone can connect to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi even without the remote controller

Functions: Smart Tracking Modes,One-tap Shots,App Control,Night Shooting,Return Home Mode, GPS Real-Time Tracking, Excessive Power Warning, Low-Battery Alarm Return

Customer Reviews

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Great drone only negative mark does not like high winds mine smach into a wall on a gust of wind some user error.
Took it to Spain gave me Gail force winds warning but we still flew.
Really enjoyed my drone when I had it very trustworthy.

I bought it again

VT Beerloverguy
So much fun!

I'm actually enjoying this one very much and now I've gone through three or four different drones and have had nothing but problems with them and this one seems to work almost flawlessly never had a connection problem never had a campair, the only thing is you have to have your phone hardwired to the controller and there's no first person view which is okay it's manageable, and the 8 m from the ground to use sport mode kind of puts a damper on things especially when you are trying to get some good shots of maybe somebody on a dirt bike or close to a car 8 m is a bit high for that, but other than that I don't really have any complaints I take it out shooting with me so that I can see my target by flying it there it does exactly what I need to do, and one of the things I will say about it is that steadiness of it hovering way up there in the air almost looks like the picture is standing still it's amazing on how well this is put together I am completely happy with this purchase and I would recommend this one to anybody whether they're beginners or experience flyers this thing's awesome and it gets the job done!!!!

Joseph E Serafin
Great toy with great results

The FIMI X8 MINI V2 drone is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful, compact and easy-to-use drone. The drone has a 4K camera that captures crisp images and videos at 30 FPS. The drone has an impressive flight time of 31 minutes and a range of 9 km, making it ideal for long and distant flights. The drone also weighs under 249g, which means it does not require registration. The drone has many smart features such as follow me, return, obstacle detection and more that make flying safer and more fun. The drone is also foldable and fits in any bag. The FIMI X8 MINI V2 drone is a perfect companion for beginners and adults who want to experience the world from a new perspective.
I am thrilled and am happy to recommend it.

It's a great little drone, especially for the money!

I've had the drone for a week now and haven't managed to get it into the air yet!
The operating instructions in Chinese and English are rudimentary. The right app is not self-explanatory. When the app is loaded via the specified path, my security app from the cell phone responds. I then downloaded the app from the Play Store.. The connection via WiFi worked without any problems but there is still no connection to start the drone. The app is not very helpful here. Otherwise, the drone doesn't look so poorly made. The gyro is a bit wonky compared to other drones. I would only transport the drone with the included protection.
It's annoying that it's so complicated!
The drone was now in the air and the battery does what it promises. The camera isn't particularly good, quite pixelated. Flying is fun and the home function also works. Be careful... The rotors are sharp.

Best drone

The Fimi X8 Mini V2 including accessories arrived undamaged and quickly. The scope of delivery includes the drone itself, a battery, spare parts such as propollers and screws, some cables to connect, a remote control and instructions for use (unfortunately not in German). The disadvantages of the drone (Fimi X8 Mini V2) are those that are difficult to understand Instructions for use in English, the accompanying app (also no German language available), and the fact that only one battery is included in the scope of delivery (due to the rather high price of the drone compared to other devices of similar quality from other manufacturers). However, there are a lot of positive things to mention. The easy control of the drone, the image and video quality, the integrated functions such as the automatic return of the drone, the secure position or hold in the air during the flight (even in windy weather), and the flight time of 30 minutes with a fully charged Battery pack. In addition, the gimbal which is located on the bottom of the drone ensures blur-free images and video recordings. The quality and workmanship of the drone itself is also decent. Conclusion: Once installed, a great drone that is easy to fly and allows for great aerial photography. A fair price-performance ratio!