CROSSRC EMO XL BIG BISON 1/8 RC Car 6WD 6X6 Climbing Crawler Off-Road Vehicle Electric RC Truck

Sale price$759.98

Color: Blue
Battery+Chargers: NO

CROSSRC EMO XL BIG BISON 1/8 RC Car 6WD 6X6 Climbing Crawler Off-Road Vehicle Electric RC Truck

Item Condition: New, Assembled and Painted.
Material: Plastic, Metal
Scale: 1/8
Size: 775*302*288mm
Wheelbase: 375+150mm
Remote Distance: about 400m
Dimensions: 648*302*309mm
Battery compartment size: no more than 140*50*40mm
Control Channels: 6 channels
Color: Blue/Red/Yellow/Gray(Options)
Package weight: 7.8
Package Size: 76.5cm * 32.5cm * 33cm

The Package Includes:
Two-speed Transmission
Light System
Remote Controller and Receiver

Battery: XT60 3S 5200mAh Battery (optional)
Charger: SKYRC MAX B6AC 80W Balance Battery Charger  (optional)

*Crossrc launches the first mass-produced 1/8 six-wheel drive high-performance simulated climbing car,
*the CROSSRC EMO XL, which has a domineering appearance, a wide and easy-to-modify multi-functional tailgate, and strong extreme road passability.

1. The CROSSRC EMO XL adopts a cross-bridge drive shaft and a double-reverse door bridge structure as the driving basis.
2. Equipped with front and rear single-control differential locks (rear double-axle simultaneous control), two-speed high-strength all-metal wheel gearbox, to meet the current popular high-power high-speed climbing gameplay..
3. The CROSSRC EMO XL third axle suspension is fixed with a combination of aviation aluminum and fiber, which is both strong and lightweight, which greatly improves the reliability of the whole vehicle.

Enhanced transmission concept specially developed for six-wheel drive:

CROSSRC EMO XL uses an over-bridge transmission shaft and a double reverse transmission portal bridge structure as the driving basis. It is equipped with front and rear individually controlled differential locks (rear dual axles are controlled simultaneously) and a two-speed high-strength all-metal wheel gearbox to meet the current popular high-power high-speed climbing gameplay.The CROSSRC EMO XL third axle suspension is fixed with a combination of aircraft aluminum and fiber, which is both strong and lightweight. The impact resistance of the last axle suspension in the event of an accidental squatting is enhanced during the steep slope process, greatly improving the reliability of the entire vehicle.

Stable and reliable basic platform:

The Crossrc 1/8 EMO platform has experienced three generations of evolution, has been continuously strengthened and upgraded, and is widely respected around the world. It provides reliable and high-performance guarantee for the new car CROSSRC EMO XL.

The metal gear reverse transmission gearbox uses aviation aluminum CNC motor base to effectively help the motor dissipate heat; the internal gears are machined and mixed with MIM injection technology gears to achieve high strength, wear resistance and low noise.The entire vehicle is equipped with ABEC3 level high-precision bearings, which are quiet and smooth, and extend the maintenance cycle.The suspension tie rods are made of 7mm diameter 304 stainless steel tie rods, which are wear-resistant and rust-proof, and also have the effect of lowering the center of gravity; the suspension tie rod ball head buckles are upgraded to enlarged reinforced ball head buckles, which are more durable and impact resistant.The ultra-large diameter 21mm CNC shock absorber uses vacuum electroplated shock absorber rods to improve the smoothness of the shock absorber and better utilize the damping oil, providing strong support and flexible posture performance. The factory has been filled with 350CST shock absorber oil and Complete the drain assembly.The heavy-duty reinforced girder increases the cross-section ratio by 200% and increases the strength multiplier, making it suitable for high-speed violent gameplay with high-power modifications and is not easily damaged.The strong front and rear door axles are made of imported high-performance weather-resistant nylon to meet the strength needs of friends in areas with a cold temperature of -20 degrees Celsius.The second generation rear balance link system updates the geometric data again according to the new structure. The CROSSRC EMOX Big Rhino, the first in the model industry in 2022, effectively improves the control of the rolling center of gravity during high-speed control without affecting the work of the shock absorber, making it smooth and non-stuck.Big Tiger's same VELOCIRAPTOR high-performance AT tire, with targeted tread patterns that maximize road-holding performance.The original car is equipped with a high-power light set, including a central grid warning light, with multiple modes and remote control.The entire vehicle adopts 7.4V high-voltage circuit, full-rudder gear shifting and differential lock control mechanism, Hobbywing customized version 4S 880 ESC, and linear high-power 560 carbon brush motor. Riders who subsequently upgrade to advanced servos and remote controls do not need to worry about power supply and differential speed settings. It is simple and convenient.The original car is equipped with an interesting and fun dual-audio controllable speaker. Horns, alarms, music and other interesting audios can be freely replaced and the sound can be controlled.Detachable tailgate attachment, the maximum tailgate area can reach 423*246mm.

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