ZLL SG108 MAX 4K Drone 360° Obstacle Avoidance GPS 5G WIFI Brushless Foldable Quadcopter

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Color: Black 1B
ZLL SG108 MAX Drone  360° Obstacle Avoidance GPS 5G WIFI Brushless Quadcopter
  • Name: ZLL SG108 MAX
  • Size Expand: 23 * 26 * 6cm; Folded: 14 . 5 * 9 * 6cm
  • ZLL SG108 MAX Flight performance: 20 minutes flight time, The flight distance is 1200 meters ( no interference , no blocking )
  • Remote control frequency: 2 . 4GHZ
  • ZLL SG108 MAX Remote control battery: built-in 500mah battery
  • Charging time: 120 minutes
  • ZLL SG108 MAX Battery capacity: 7.4V 2200mah battery
  • ZLL SG108 MAX Maximum Control Range: 1200m
  • Charging time: 120 minutes
  • Flight time: 20min
  • ZLL SG108 MAX HD camera: WiFi transmission distance : 800 meters( no interference or obstruction )
  • ZLL SG108 MAX Flight distance: GPS follow about 30 meters
  • ZLL SG108 MAX Features: GPS return , HD camera , body folding , intelligent obstacle avoidance , One-key take-off , one-key landing , fixed-altitude hovering , optical flow positioning , Dual cameras , Wifi connection , APP control , gesture photography , Gesture recording , trajectory flight , speed adjustment ,Real-time transmission , one-key return ,MV picture and video sharing, GPS follow 30m

1.  ZLL SG108 MAX with Camera: RC drones with camera for adults 4k professional long range. HD drone Electric 90 degree remote adjustment , harvest wonderful angle video drone.Camera drones 4k HD camera transmission by carrying a mobile APP , Long distance remote control,gesture recognition shooting,filter effect blockbuster production
2. ZLL SG108 MAX GPS: GPS + Optical Flow Dual Positioning,drone GPS is not only the positioning , but also the UAV stability system ,using dual-mode satellite GPS positioning , novice can easily start. GPS drones smart to follow auto follow. Have fun No controls, automatic follow your personal follow photographer.When the aircraft is in low power , no signal or over distance , it can automatically identify and return to the departure point , so the drone with GPS can not to lose the aerial flight
3.  ZLL SG108 MAX with Long Flight Time:The quadcopter has 20 minutes flight time.The flight distance is 1200 meters (no interference , no blocking ) Full capabilities , strong endurance , give you a more enjoyable flight experience
4.  ZLL SG108 MAX: Intelligent flight chip the UAV is equipped with a processing chip , and the strong processing performance makes the UAV aerial photography better and the flight more stable
5.  ZLL SG108 MAX with Obstacle Avoidance: Quadcopter drones with 360 omnidirectional laser obstacle avoidance perception ability ,you can perceive obstacle avoidance distance ,stop flying immediately when encountering obstacles ,so that you can operate more easily , simply , and quickly get started!Package Included:
1x Aircraft
1x Remote control
1x Phone stand
1x Body battery(optional)
1x USB charging cable
1x Screwdriver
1x Spare propellers ( pair )
1x Spare screws ( grain )
1x Manual
1x Storage bag

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