YIKONG YK4082 1/8 4WD Large Off-Road Car High Quality 6CH RC Rock Crawler Truck

Sale price$749.00

Color: Black
Battery+Chargers: YES

  • Item No: YIKONG YK4082
  • Color: Grey/Black/Yellow/Blue/Red
  • Material: Metal + Plastic
  • Full Length: 635mm (including spare tire)
  • Wheelbase: 370mm
  • Approach Angle: 65°
  • Longitudinal Passing Angle: 30°
  • Departure Angle: 48°
  • Ground Clearance: 95mm (when adjusting ring is 5mm)
  • Tire size: 135/50mm
  • Gear Ratio: (18T) 1:13.4 (high speed) / 1:33 (low speed)
  • Motor: 775 large torque waterproof motor
  • ESC: HobbyWing 880 waterproof ESC
  • Servo: 25KG full metal gear steering gear*1pcs+17KG small steering gear*3pcs (front/rear differential lock steering gear, high and low speed gear shifting gear)
  • Remote Control: 2.4GHz/6 channel full-scale intelligent transmitter (light control integration)
  • Car Battery (Optional): 7.4v 6200mah 30C large capacity lithium battery
  • Charger (Optional): 80W imax B6AC high-power balance charger multi-function aircraft model car model lithium battery Ni-MH charger
  • Product Dimensions: 63 x 29 x 30cm
  • Product Weight: 4190g
  • Package Dimensions: 70 x 35 x 35cm
  • Package Weight: 6500g
  • Packing: Graphic Carton

Product description:
1. The brand new 2022 YK 4082PRO 1/8 clawer features a alteration of the motor position which is moved forward under the cover, the servo on the bridge which is replaced by the servo on the beam, the servo protection device by the servo arm, a new installation layout of the battery compartment which is shifted to the front of the gearbox, a alteration of tires' material, indentical to YK6101 for enhanced grip, a cancellation of the spare tire for reduced car rear weight, a simple integration of light group wires for convenience and the replacement of soft adhesive rearview mirror material for less damage possibilities when rolling over.
2. The YK4082 vehicle is modified for improved obstacle climbing capability and not positioned as a entertainment model merely, providing the original car stronger climbing performance and making it an excellent vehicle for traversing and climbing. The old YK4082 comes with an accessory pack for upgrading and users only need to add four holes for installing the battery compartment to grade up the new 2022 model.


1. The front face adopts an angry face design, and the front face can be removed with only a few screws. The 7 air intake holes have been opened, and the interior is equipped with a black mesh, which is closer to the real car structure.
2. The dashboard, seat, and headrest of the driver's cabin have been installed. The rear of the car is equipped with a more popular spare tire rack assembly, which can be directly replaced.
3. Machined steel gears are all used inside the gearbox, which is stronger and very smooth. The whole car uses a ten-byte structure. The beam is made of aluminum alloy CNC integrally formed. The shock absorber adopts a large-capacity cylinder with outer spring, which can increase or decrease the height of the vehicle through the adjusting ring.
4. In terms of electrical equipment, the ESC is Hobbywing 880. In order to balance climbing and crossing, the original factory set the drag brake value to 50%
5. The motor uses 775 black leather, which is full of power and has good low-torque performance.
6. The servo is upgraded to 25KG all-metal gear, and the servo arm is also aluminum alloy style.
7. Standard headlights, roof lights, turn signals on both sides of the daytime running lights on the wheel eyebrows, rear brake lights, turn signals, and reversing lights.
8. The car shell and the car body are connected by flipping and magnetic attraction. The use of a larger magnet can more firmly attract the car shell. In addition, a knob is added to prevent the car shell from bounce off by impact.
9. The original car comes with a set of front/rear anti-roll bar components, which can be installed according to different terrains. When walking on climbing or rough terrain, disconnect and remove the anti-roll bar. If you are on the beach, you may wish to install it. Please note that the rear axle thrust bar needs to be removed.
10. The axles are thickened, and the nylon formula is adjusted. In order to better cope with the cold climate environment, the door hinges are replaced with decorations of the same color as the body.
11. This car adopts door bridge design, front/rear differential lock (remote control), high/low speed shift function (remote control), complete functions, strong playability of operation, whether it is off-road or climbing mode, it will bring you a new driving experience.
12. The car has a variety of shell colors for you to choose, you only need to prepare the battery and charger to start playing. We provide professional pre-sales consultation and after-sales service. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.

YIKONG YK4082 4WD Large Off-Road Car
YIKONG YK4082 4WD Large Off-Road Car
YIKONG YK4082 4WD Large Off-Road Car
YIKONG YK4082 4WD Large Off-Road Car
YIKONG YK4082 4WD Large Off-Road Car
YIKONG YK4082 4WD Large Off-Road Car
YIKONG YK4082 4WD Large Off-Road Car
YIKONG YK4082 4WD Large Off-Road Car
YIKONG YK4082 4WD Large Off-Road Car
YIKONG YK4082 4WD Large Off-Road Car
YIKONG YK4082 4WD Large Off-Road Car
YIKONG YK4082 4WD Large Off-Road Car
YIKONG YK4082 4WD Large Off-Road Car

Package Content:
1 x RC Car
1X Remote Controller (4*AA battery not include)
1Set x Sticker
1 x User Manual

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Andrew yanick

What ele is there to say other than wow, what an amazing little truck, for a budget friendly little rc truck thing thing is awesome, nice solid build with good quality parts and tons of power, not to mention the value you get everything to run and then some can't find a better deal. Plus they have great customer service ready to help you with any problems or questions which is more than I can say for some of those higher up rc brands. Such a great product and company will definitely be buying more.