YIKONG YK4072 DF7 1/7 6S Brushless 4WD RC Short Truck Rear Straight Bridge Desert RC Car High Quality Toy Car

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Color: Red V2
Battery+Chargers: NO
YIKONG YK4072 DF7 1/7 4WD 6S Brushless RC Short Truck Rear Straight Bridge Desert RC Car High Quality Toy Car

  • Brand Name: YIKONG YK4072
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Item Condition: New, Assembled and Painted
  • Material: Metal, Plastic
  • Color: Blue/Red
  • Wheelbase: 430mm
  • Track Width: 300mm
  • Wheelbase: 330*126mm
  • YK4072 ESC: HobbyWing MAX8 150A/950A
  • YK4072 Motor: 4274 1600KV Brushless Motor
  • YK4072 Servo: 35KG
  • Radio System: 6CH
  • YK4072 Battery (Optional): ACE 11.1V 6400mAh 70C  3S large capacity lithium battery
  • YK4072 Charger (Optional): 80W imax B6AC high-power balance charger multi-function aircraft model car model lithium battery Ni-MH charger
  • YK4072 size: Length: 700mm; Wheelbase: 430mm; Wheelbase: 300mm
  • YK4072 Package Dimensions: 82 x 41 x 30cm
  • Package Weight: 8.1 kg
  • Packing: Graphic Carton
*With the rapid development of remote control models, the continuous improvement of production technology, and the diversification of users' needs for playing cars, YIKONG has launched a newly designed DF7 1/7 RTR short Truck - YIKONG YK4072 DF7.

Updated Parts of the YK4072 DF7-V2:
1. YK4072 Enhanced three-dimensional front face, honeycomb grille (reserved for upgrading the grille lighting system)
2. YK4072 Enhanced headlight styling
3. YK4072 Add cushion filling to the car shell and frame
4. YK4072 Both sides of the vehicle shell are narrowed by 12.5mm
5. YK4072 The newly designed car shell is painted to further highlight the sense of speed and strength

1. YK4072 Front roof search bar, rear high level warning light
2.  YK4072  Simulated cockpit, double spare wheel tire assembly, and vertical spare tire can effectively reduce the center of gravity of the rear and make the rear of the car more stable
3. YK4072 Double-layer aluminum alloy encircling main frame structure
4. YK4072 Ball head type front and bottom double swing arms, ball head type integrated steering cup, aluminum swing arm FF metal code, fine steel swing arm pin, high speed steel CVD
5. YK4072 thick lower arm and the straight bridge form the rear half of the vehicle
6. YK4072 intermediate differential assembly is made of all metal, and the gear parts are all made of fine steel to ensure durability
7. YK4072 4 main metal coiled shock absorbers, 4 metal damping auxiliary shock absorbers, double-layer spring design, X-sealed O-ring, CNC race steel piston plate
8. YK4072 HobbyWing MAX8 150A/950A waterproof ESC, supports 3S-6S lithium battery. 4274 1600kv brushless motor
9. YK4072 1/5 vehicle metal gear 35KG steering gear, effectively resist the impact of intense driving on the steering gear, accessories are included with the car, can be used for small standard size steering gear

The Package Included:
1* YK4072 1/7 RC Car
1* Motor
1* ESC (EC5/IC5 Connector)
1* Servo
1* RC Controller & Receiver(Not Included Battery)
1* Light System
1* Battery+Chargers(optional)Gens ACE 6400mAh 6500mah 3S 11.1V 70C RC Remote Control Model Car Apply to TRX-4 UDR BigE YK4082/6101/4072 Dedicated With XT60 Plug80W imax B6AC high-power balance charger multi-functional aircraft model car model lithium battery Ni-MH charger  (Batteries and chargers are optional)
Product name: B6AC charger
Product brand: IMAX
Appearance material: aluminum alloy
Input voltage: 110-220V AC
Rechargeable battery: NICD/NIMH: 1-15CELLS
Rechargeable lithium battery: 1-6 in series
Product size: 135*144*36mm
Product weight: 740g
Maximum power: 80W
Charging current: 0.1-6A
Discharge current: 0.1-2A
Do you need an adapter: No, the product has a built-in adapter

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