Wltoys 104016 104018 Brushless 4WD RC Car 1:10 2.4G 55KM/H Large Alloy Electric Crawler

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Color: WL 104016
Battery: 1Battery

Item Name: Wltoys 104016, 104018
Scale: 1/10
Main Material: Alloy, PA, PVC
Maximum Speed: 55km/h
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Battery: 7.4V 2200mAh
Motor: 3660 3500KV Brushless Motor
ESC: 60A
Charging Time: 3h
Working Time: 8min
Remote Control Distance: About 100 Meters
Remote Controller Battery: 4*AA Battery(not Included)
Size: 39.7*27.6*16.5cm
Weight: 1880g

1. Introducing the ultimate off-road racing machine - WLTOYS 1/10 scale RC car is designed to provide maximum power and performance. With a Four wheel independent suspension system, Simulated metal oil pressure shock absorption, and Adjustable design of the whole vehicle pull rod, it can tackle any terrain with ease.
2. The high-performance 3660 brushless drive motor provides immense power and speed, while the all-metal gear transmission ensures strong wear resistance and improves the service life of the gear. The high-speed ball bearing and steel transmission shaft of the whole vehicle also greatly improves the service life of the remote control vehicle.
3. This RC car is not just built for performance, but it's also built to last. It features an explosion-resistant PVC color printing car shell that not only looks beautiful but also provides protection against collisions.
4. Get ready to experience off-road racing like never before with our 1/10 scale RC car. Order yours today!

* Don't over-charge or over-discharge batteries. Don't put it beside the high-temperature condition. Don't throw it into the fire. Don't throw it into the water.
* There could be some deviations due to manual measurement or slight color difference owing to photographing condition. Thank you for your understanding.

Package Information:
Package Size: 40*29.5*20.5cm
Package Weight: 3096g
Gift Box Package

Package Included:
1* Remote Control Car
1* Remote Controller
1* Battery
1* Charging Cable
1* Cross Wrench
1* Head Wheel

Wltoys 104016 104018 Brushless 4WD RC Car
Wltoys 104016 104018 Brushless 4WD RC Car
Wltoys 104016 104018 Brushless 4WD RC Car
Wltoys 104016 104018 Brushless 4WD RC Car
Wltoys 104016 104018 Brushless 4WD RC Car
Wltoys 104016 104018 Brushless 4WD RC Car
Wltoys 104016 104018 Brushless 4WD RC Car
Wltoys 104016 104018 Brushless 4WD RC Car
Wltoys 104016 104018 Brushless 4WD RC Car
Wltoys 104016 104018 Brushless 4WD RC Car

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason Bouslaugh
Great rc car

Super well
Made and very fast

Britney Elder
My nephew loves it and it is such a nice car!

I would recommend this toy for anyone!! It actually drifts and everything!!! Very cool.

It Has The Juice!

As a father of four, I am always looking for ways to connect with my kids. For my eight year old son, some of our best times together are being outdoors and finding new adventures. Lately though, we have loved racing RC cars. Enter this sweet little drift car!

When I first laid eyes on this amazing RC car, I was super impressed with not only the build quality, but the fact that it came with both drift tires and regular racing tires. This allows for both fun on the smooth surfaces, as well as on concrete and even dirt.

The car itself has wonderful response with both speed and turning, and it’s fast. This is not one of those cheap forward and backward cars, you can actually race this one. The top Camaro shell is held on by pins, but is removable. The body is sturdy and can handle the rigors of slamming into walls and other cars.

When drifting, I do find that it’s a little hard to control or get the hang of things. However, we are pretty new to drifting. It helps that it comes with comes to practice with, great feature.

Battery life is as expected. Plan to spend a few hours charging, and then about 25 minutes of playtime. I am not sure if aftermarket batteries can be purchased, but I am looking into it.

Pros: This is a fun RC car with lots of speed and power. It’s not going to be competitive in an actual competition, but it is an excellent car to learn on and have fun.

Cons: The controller is the weak point for me. It feels very light and fragile, but better than others I’ve used. I worry about the trigger breaking.

Final Thoughts: This RC car is priced well and brings a lot of customizable fun for this father and son duo. I’m so glad we got this one.