Walkera T210 Mini RC Drone 2KM FPV GPS 3-Axis Gimbal 4K HD Camera Basic Version Quadcopter

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color: Basic Version 1B

  • Brand: Walkera
  • Name: Walkera T210 MINI Basic Version
  • Max Ascent Speed: 8 m/s (adjusted)
  • Max Descent Speed: 5 m/s(adjusted)
  • Max Flight Speed (at sea level, no wind): GPS Mode: 5m/s; Sports mode: 12m/s; Altitude mode: 25m/s
  • Max Tilt Angle GPS Mode: 55°; Sports mode: 55°; Attitude mode: 55°
  • Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level: 4500m
  • Max Wind Speed Resistance: 18m/s
  • Max Flight Time: 30 minutes(Sea level windless environment, 3m/s automatic cruise conditions)Operating Temperature: -10℃ to +45℃
  • Hovering Accuracy Range: Horizontal: ±0.5m; Vertical: ±1.5 m (GPS works)
  • Diagonal Length: 241.6mm
  • Dimension: 167.4mm*217.8mm*57mm(Unfolded),  143mm*82.8mm*57mm(Folded)
  • Take-off Weight: 249g

1. 4k Drone with Camera: Three-axis mechanical stabilized pan tilt, equipped with 48 megapixel aerial Hasselblad camera, record up to 4k 30 frames of HD video, equipped with f/2.6 aperture, 83 ° ultra-low distortion wide-angle lens,time-lapse photography, make your creation easy.
2. Video Drone: One click to achieve soaring, fading, circling and tail flicking multiple shooting methods, take wonderful moments easily, make the big shot accessible,real time sharing to social platform.Intelligent follow. Basic Version RC control up to 2000m,Max service ceiling above sea level 2000m
3. Drone with Long Flight Time: The standard T210 Mini intelligent flight battery can last up to 30 minutes, give you more creative time.With strong anti-interference capability, the farthest image transmission distance of 2km can be achieved
4. Smart Drone: Intelligent speed control.Target point measurement, accurate positioning of the ground target longitude and latitude.Intelligent speed control.AI intelligent image tracking with accurate, multi angle, long-distance target locking function.The T210 Mini can fly at a speed of up to 25m/s, reaching a wind resistance level of 7.GPS Drone Hovering Accuracy Range: Horizontal: ±0.5m; Vertical: ±1.5 m. Beginner-Friendly, Easy-To-Fly, and Easy-To-Use


Walkera T210 Mini follow up UAV drone is all in one foldable drone, smartly accompanying flight, one throw to fly, The weight of the remote control drone is less than 249g, professional drone up to level 7 wind resistance, bring more experience for aerial photography and flight photography.

Remote WKRC-H9:
*Remote Size(length*width*height): 173.82×106.75×72.62mm
*Working Frequency: 2.4GHz
*Maximum Communication Distance: 2KM(Open, no shelter, no electromagnetic interference)
*Battery: Built-in lithium battery 7.4V 2200mAh LiPo
*Mobile Device Support: Suitable for tablets and mobile phones

*System of Stabilization: 3-Axes (pitch, yaw, roll)
*Controllable Rotation Range: -90° to 0°
*Maximum Control Speed: Pitch: 30°/s Control angle directly
*Angle Control Precision: Static: ±0.01°;Dynamic: ±0.02°;Anti-shake: ±0.01°

*Image Sensor: 1/2.26-inch sensor 48MP JPEG photos
*The Lens: FOV83°4.49mm f/2.6(Aperture)
*Range: 100-3200
*Electronic Shutter: 1/2-1/8000
*Photo Resolution: 8000*6000(48MP)4000*3000(12MP)3840*2160(8MP)
*Video Resolution: UHD:3840*2160(4K)30fps
*Maximum Bit Rate of Video Storage: 100Mbps
*Supported the System Formats: Fat32 exFat
*Image Format: JPEG & RAW
*Video format: MP4
*Supports The Memory Card Type: Maximum supports 128 GB Micro SD card, fat32 format, transfer speed is class10 or higher or UHS-1

Down Vision Positioning:
*Accurate Ranging Range: 0.25m~5m
*Hovering Accuracy Range: 0.25m~10m

Standard Version with R/C:
1x T210 Drone
1x WKRC-H9 Remote Controller
1x 32G SD Card
1x Body battery
1x Spare propellers(set)
1x USB charging cable
2x Screwdriver
1x Charger
1x Manual


Customer Reviews

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Great drone as you can see in pictures easy to use

Great drone very good quality I’ll recommended 100%

Great Drone for Beginners +

I have tried several drones...some are hard to set up and operate. This one isn't. The propellers go on (or off for storage) with a twice and are secure. I like the small cable (several are included for different phone inputs) to plug into the cell so there is less chance of loss of connection. The control device securely holds the cell in place as well. This has many features as described. I chose to show how to calibrate it in the video to make it easier for new people. One image shows the size of the drone (not tiny and hard to deal with) and for beginners this is a plus as we like to 'see' the drone in a distance as we learn to operate. It comes with a quality case for storage and transport so I thought that was worth a look in image #2. Great product and good email support if needed. I recommend getting the protection plan not because of any fault with the drone, but, rather the operator!