ROFUN V5 45CC 4WD Gas RC Car High Configuration Version 1/5 Race Track Off Road Drift RC Car

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ROFUN V5 45CC 4WD Gas RC Car High Configuration Version 1/5 Race Track Off Road Drift RC Car

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ROFUN V5 High Configuration Version Configuration List:
  • 45cc single-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke four-point fixed gasoline engine (standard equipped with Walbro1107 carburetor and NGK spark plug)
  • Body length x width x height LxWxH: 860X500X330mm
  • Wheelbase 440mm
  • Wheelbase 550mm
  • 4WD
  • Double disc brake
  • ROFUN V5 with 65KG all-metal gear throttle servo
  • ROFUN V5 with 65KG digital all-metal gear steering servo (CNC metal servo rocker arm)
  • Dual silent exhaust pipes (including metal rear anti-collision)
  • Metal differential (front, middle and rear three-stage differential system)
  • Small stud tires (sealed frame)
  • 7mm metal hydraulic shock absorber
  • 7.4V-5C 5000mAh lithium battery
  • ROFUN V5 with Front CVD transmission half-shaft, rear axle head type transmission half-shaft
  • PTO front short drive shaft, rear long drive shaft
  • BER 2.4G LED screen 3-channel remote control
  • Front and rear anti-roll bar group
  • Metal clutch cup support cover
  • Metal center differential bracket
  • ROFUN V5 with 5mm CNC one-piece 7075 high-hardness aluminum alloy chassis
  • PC material car shell
  • Repair kit delivered with vehicle
  • Car oil pack
  • Integrated hexagonal clutch cup
  • ROFUN V5 with 7075 high hardness front and rear shock absorbing brackets
  • CNC metal front support beam
  • CNC metal steering gear support bridge
  • CNC metal steering gear press
  • CNC metal center differential cover
  • CNC metal fuel tank cap (anti-oil leakage)
  • CNC metal air filter
  • New proportioning kettle
  • ROFUN V5 with 8000 rpm wear-resistant clutch
  • Packaging Weight: 25 kg
  • Outer packaging size LxWxH: 900x550x350 mm
About the battery:
Note: Please charge the new ROFUN V5 after receiving it. The first charging time will be longer. Wait for the battery to cool down after playing with the car or charge it for about half an hour after playing with the car. Stop charging about half an hour after the battery is fully charged. Do not store the battery in a depleted state. If the battery is not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge it once every 45 to 60 days, which can effectively extend the battery life. (Do not play with the car when the battery is low, as it may cause loss of control and irreversible damage to the battery.) The battery life is affected by the temperature. When the temperature is low, the battery capacity and discharge amount will decrease.
Important, important, important!!! When charging: Be sure to keep a safe distance from people and flammable and explosive materials, and charge in the presence of people. If you leave for something, please stop charging first.

About running-in:
There are two types of gasoline remote control cars on the market. One is ROFUN Gasoline RC car, and the other is other~
When players receive a gasoline remote control car product, they will choose to run it in first before using it. When you first receive your new car:
1. Charge the ROFUN V5 battery (power source for electronic devices) first.
2. Prepare the mixed oil according to the grade of the engine oil. Generally, the outer packaging of engine oil will have proportion instructions and grade markings. If the original FD grade engine oil blending ratio is 1:40~1:50, most of the market's FB grade blending ratio is around 1:25.
3. statically run in a tank of oil first, and then run it at medium to high speed for 3 to 5 minutes, which can reduce the generation of carbon deposits. Static running-in for one tank of oil and then jogging for one tank of oil completes the entire running-in process. During the running-in process of jogging, you should avoid climbing steep slopes and traveling at high speeds.
4. The gasoline remote control car should be controlled outdoors in the open air. Avoid using it in crowded places, especially places with elderly people and children. To avoid danger caused by improper operation.

Announcement: The ROVAN used by ROFUN Company has been changed to ROFUN, and the BAJA used previously has been changed to BAHA. If the product you receive has the ROFUN logo, you don’t have to worry about quality and channel issues as it is an original ROFUN spare part.

*We are an authorized dealer of ROFUN brand.

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