ROFUN BAHA 710MAX 71CC Gasoline Engine RC Car 1/5 2WD 2.4G High Speed Large Off-Road Drift RC Car

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Color: Red
ROFUN BAHA 710MAX 71CC Gasoline Engine RC Car 1/5 2WD 2.4G High Speed Large Off-Road Drift RC Car
  • Model Number: ROFUN BAHA 710MAX 71CC Gasoline Engine RC Car
  • Material: Metal + ABS + Electronic Components
  • Color: Silver / Red
  • Type: Gasoline Engine RC Car
  • Drive Mode: RWD
  • Tread: 660mm (Front)/680mm (Rear)
  • Wheelbase: 580mm
  • Scale: 1/5
  • ROFUN BAHA 710MAX Battery: 6V 4500Ah Ni-MH Battery
  • ROFUN BAHA 710MAX Engine: 71cc Singal-cylinder Air-cooled Two-stroke Four-point Fixed Petrol Engine
  • ROFUN BAHA 710MAX Servo: 20KG Metal Gear Throttle Servo & 75KG Metal Gear Steering Servo
  • ROFUN BAHA 710MAX Exhaust Pipe: BAHA710 Special Exhaust Pipe
  • ROFUN BAHA 710MAX Tire: 220*120mm Monster Herringbone Tire
  • ROFUN BAHA 710MAX Damper: CNC 10mm Metal Shock Absorber, Metal Front and Rear Shock Absorber Bracket
  • ROFUN BAHA 710MAX Clutch: 8000rpm Wear-Resistant Clutch
  • ROFUN BAHA 710MAX Suspension: Second Generation Enhanced Front and Rear Suspension
  • ROFUN BAHA 710MAX Fuel Tank: 800CC Large Fuel Tank
  • ROFUN BAHA 710MAX Transmission: Front, Middle and Rear Three-speed Differential System
  • ROFUN BAHA 710MAX Chassis: 5mm CNC Alloy Large Chassis
  • Accessory: Detachable&Fully-protected Metal Roll Cage, On-board Emergency Maintenance Kit,
  • Shell: PC Split Car Shell
  • ROFUN BAHA 710MAX Dimensions: 95 x 78 x 68cm
  • ROFUN BAHA 710MAX Weight: 17500g
  • Package Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 37cm
  • Package Weight: 23000g
  • Packing: Box
  • Ages: 14+

    Configuration List:
    1. ROFUN BAHA 710MAX 71CC single-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke four-point fixed gasoline engine (standard Walbro WI71 carburetor, NGK spark plug)
    2. Body length x width x height LxWxH: 950x780x680mm
    3. Wheel base front 660mm/rear 680mm
    4. Wheelbase 580mm
    5. Rear wheel drive
    6. Rear axle brake
    7. ROFUN BAHA 710MAX with 20KG all-metal gear throttle servo (CNC servo arm)
    8. ROFUN BAHA 710MAX with 75KG metal gear steering steering gear (CNC steering gear arm)
    9. BAHA71 special exhaust pipe
    10. Metal differential case
    11. 220120 Bigfoot herringbone tire
    12. BAHA-MAXCNC metal 10mm shock absorption
    13. SC6V4500mAh battery
    14. X424GLED screen 4-channel remote control
    15, 8000 rpm wear-resistant clutch
    16. Metal roll cage for general 71CC engine with metal handle
    17. CNC Metal Symmetrical Steering Kit
    18 CNC metal rear shock bracket, tie rod
    19. CNC metal headlights
    20. CNC Metal BAHA-MAX Kit
    21. CNC metal oiler lid
    22. New spoiler
    23 New Integral Hex Clutch Cup Kit
    24 New proportioning pot

    1. The ROFUN BAHA 710MAX 2.4G RC high-speed off-road vehicle model in big size is equipped with a 71cc single-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke four-point fixed gasoline engine with strong power.
    2. ROFUN BAHA 710MAX with  710 special exhaust pipe delivers a superior erasure effect and no oil leakage. Features superb off-road performance and security due to the metal differential, differential disc brake and front&rear vehicle anti-roll lever.
    3. ROFUN BAHA 710MAX Adopts 5mm CNC integrated 6061T6 aluminum alloy chassis and other parts mainly made of ABS for authentic wear resistance, toughness and durability while reducing the weight of the body.
    4. The RC model with abundant functions is suitable for petrol locomotive enthusiasts and fans, making a prime choice for collection and gifts for friends and relatives.
    5. Extremely cool appearance with various gameplay will provide you with a unique playing experience.

    Beginner's Guide:
    About the battery:
    Note: Please charge the new car after receiving the goods, the first charging time will be longer. Wait for the battery to cool down after playing the car or charge it for about half an hour after playing the car. Stop charging about half an hour after the battery is fully charged. Do not store the battery in a depleted state. If the battery is not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge it once every 45 days to 60 days, which can effectively prolong the battery life. (Don't play the car in a state of power loss, it is easy to cause loss of control and irreversible damage to the battery) The use time of the battery is affected by the temperature. When the temperature is low, the battery capacity and its discharge limit will be reduced.
    IMPORTANT, IMPORTANT, IMPORTANT!!! When charging: Be sure to keep a safe distance from people and flammable and explosive materials, and must be charged in the presence of personnel. If you leave, please stop charging first.

    About the break-in period:
    There are two types of petrol RC cars on the market. One is Rofun gasoline remote control car, the other is other~
    When model friends receive gasoline remote control car products, they will choose to run in first before using them.

    When you first receive your new car:
    1: First charge the car battery (power supply for electronic equipment).
    2: Prepare the mixed oil according to the grade of the oil. Generally, the outer packaging of the oil will have a description of the proportion and the mark of the grade. If the original factory FD-grade oil mix ratio is 1:40~1:50, the market is mostly FB-grade oil mix ratio of about 1:25.
    3: First statically break-in a tank of oil, and you can pull the medium and high speed in 3~5 minutes. Can reduce carbon deposition. Static break-in with a tank of gas and then jogging with a tank of gas completes the entire break-in period. During the break-in period of jogging, large hills and high speeds should be avoided.
    4: Control the gasoline remote control car should be in the open air. Avoid using it in crowded places, especially places with the elderly and children. In order to avoid danger from improper operation.
    If you have any questions, please contact customer service in time.
    *We are an authorized dealer of ROFUN brand.

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