RGT EX86120 FJ 1/10 RC Car 4WD Off-Road Climbing Crawler Reverse-Drive System RC Vehicle

Sale price$399.00

Color: Blue
Battery: 1 Battery

  • Product Name: RGT EX86120 1/10 Climbing Off-road Vehicle
  • Item No: RGT EX86120
  • Color: Grey, Blue, Yellow
  • Material: Nylon Plastic + Metal + Electronic Components
  • Ratio: 1/10
  • Wheelbase: 313mm
  • Reduction gear ratio: 54:1
  • Tire: 120x45mm
  • Ground clearance: 72 mm
  • Tire Size: 120 x 40mm
  • Drive: 4WD
  • Remote Control Mode: 2.4G wireless remote control
  • Remote Control: 3CH
  • Remote Control Distance: about 150 meters depending on the environment
  • Car Motor: RC550 17T super torque motor
  • Car ESC: Hobby Wing WP-1060 track dedicated waterproof board (support LiPO mode)
  • Remote control battery: 3XAA battery(not included)
  • Car Battery: 7.2V 2000mah
  • Running Time: 30 minutes
  • Charge time: 180min
  • Car Servo: 15KG all-metal gear waterproof servo
  • Product Dimensions: 55 x 24.5 x 25.2cm
  • Product Weight: 3050g
  • Package Dimensions: 59 x 30 x 29cm
  • Package Weight: 5000g

1. The motor and Reducer mounted in front. 4WD reverse drive system with slipper and central transfer structure.
2. Ball bearing in the whole car, metal transmission gear, front and rear integrated molded with metal axle housing cover.
3. High-precise steel CVA structure in front drive steering axle.
4. Big steering angle, panhard bar, positive Ackerman angle.
5. The suspension system uses metal tube and oil filled adjustable shock absorber, and red spray spring.
6. 1.2mm thick PC paint bodyshell with accessories. The hidden front body post design makes the whole appearance more beautiful.
7. 1.9-inch beadlock wheel, high realistic, easy to maintain.
8. CH 4 Transmitter with 4 LED function light is factory-fitted.

Product description:
1. RGT EX86120 is a 1/10 all-terrain high-performance off-road vehicle created by HSP's brand RGT, with a reverse drive system. In addition, the wheelbase is 313mm. Desert Fox (EX86120) redesigned the reverse drive system on the basis of the Pioneer (EX86110) platform, improved the weight layout, and upgraded the steering function
2.Classic Style: The car shell is made of environmentally friendly paint PC soft shell, there are three colors to choose from (gray, blue and orange). The body accessories include spare tires, roof racks, luggage rack lights, pedals, grilles, LED turn signals, headlights with angled eyes, rearview mirrors, wipers, handles, axes and shovel. Also, the simulated front and rear bumpers and hidden front body pillars make the whole car more beautiful
3. Frame Structure: It adopts split transmission structure, with reverse drive system, 4WD reverse drive system, with slider and central transmission knot; the whole car ball bearing, metal transmission gear, front and rear integral molding, with metal axle housing cover. The front drive steering axle adopts high-precision CVA steel structure. Large steering angle, Panhard bar, positive Ackerman angle. The methane transmitter with 4 LED function lamps is factory installed. The suspension system uses metal tubes and oil-filled adjustable shock absorbers, and red spray springs
4. Split Transfer Structure: The motor and gearbox installed in the front of the car increase the weight of the front, improve the climbing traction, and effectively enhance the climbing angle. The gearbox installed in the front can be connected to the central transfer case, reducing the cone angle between the central drive shaft and the gears in the case, and realizing more effective power transmission. In addition, the transfer case can also prevent the sudden stop of the motor from affecting the climbing performance
5. 1.9 Inches Bead-locked Wheels and MT Realistic Tires: Bead-locked wheels, easy to install the required counterweight, do not use glue to assemble the tires, easy to replace the required tires. Wheel dust cover is included, it is good to prevent the nut from loosening
6. RTR Version Configuration Power: Equipped with RC550 17T super torque motor, Hobby Wing WP-1060 track dedicated waterproof board (support LiPO mode), 15KG all-metal gear waterproof servo board, 7.2V 2000mAh Ni-MH battery pack and special 4-channel radio ( (With light setting control function)

RGT EX86120 FJ 1/10 RC Car
RGT EX86120 FJ 1/10 RC Car
RGT EX86120 FJ 1/10 RC Car
RGT EX86120 FJ 1/10 RC Car
RGT EX86120 FJ 1/10 RC Car


RGT EX86120 FJ 1/10 RC Car
RGT EX86120 FJ 1/10 RC Car
RGT EX86120 FJ 1/10 RC Car
RGT EX86120 FJ 1/10 RC Car

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mark B.
Great truck

My son recently got into RC cars, and I bought this truck to drive with him. Can’t believe how quick this car is, as well as the quality for the price.

Chris S.
Super Fast Car

This little car is super fast and fun to drive. The support is also great if you need help with anything.