YXZNRC UH60 Black Hawk F09 1:47 Scale 6-Axis Gyroscope 6CH Brushless Flybarless 6G/3D Aerobatic Professional RC Helicopter

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Version: BNF Version
Battery: 1Battery
  • Model Number: UH60 Black Hawk F09
  • Material: Metal,Plastic,Carbon Fiber
  • Color: ArmyGreen
  • Remote Distance: 120m
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Control Channels: 6 Channels
  • Controller Mode: MODE2
  • Motor: Brushless Motor
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: Outdoor
  • Product size (cm): 425*420*120mm
  • Rotor diameter: 425mm
  • Body length: 420mm
  • Height : 120mm
  • Weight : 2 kg
  • Radio Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Battery : 11.1V 1350MAH 30C
  • Charging Time: 75 minutes
  • Flight Time: 9-12 min
  • Operator Skill Level: Expert
  • Takeoff Weight: 435g
  • Package Includes: Batteries, Operating Instructions, Charger, Remote Controller, USB Cable

**BNF does not include remote control, RTF version includes remote control

1. Scale down of the U.S. UH 60 Black Hawk helicopter with 47:1 scale. With high simulation appearance details, cool lights, left and right movable side door, and shock absorber of landing gear.
2. It adopts flybarless design, double shaft driving motor and electronic stability enhancement system, which makes the hand feel more accurate, the flight more stable, optimizes the structure and reduces the probability of damage.
3. The propeller is designed based on aerodynamic principle to provide strong power and body self stability. It has high efficiency, power saving and long flight time. The blade is made of Nylon and carbon fiber composite material, with high strength, good toughness, impact resistance, no deformation and durability.
4. Using 4006 630kv brushless motor self stable co-drive is used to reduce gear agitation. It has the characteristics of low noise, high torque, sufficient power and high efficiency. The special high temperature resistant magnetic steel can withstand 150 ℃ high temperature without damage and improve service life.
5. The tail lock motor uses a special 1104 5200kv brushless motor, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, fast response, stable tail lock and not easy to be damaged after working for a long time.
6. With the enlarged 4.3G metal digital steering gear, it has the characteristics of high torque response, fast precision, high return accuracy and response speed of 60 ° / 0.05ms, making the aircraft fly accurately, feel better and last longer.
7. With 6-axis gyroscope adopted. It has a stable, fast and accurate flight attitude, which is especially suitable for beginners.
8. Using 2.4GHz communication protocol, the satellite receiver can be expanded to support DSMX, DSM2, PPM S-BUS system.
9. With High precision CNC rotor head, swashplate to optimize the structure, reduce the weight and greatly reduce the probability of aircraft damage.
10. The casing adopts hot runner injection molding process, high simulation details, good elasticity and toughness, which is not easy to be damaged.
11. With standard six channel remote control, LCD display, power prompt, support digital parameter adjustment, support simulator function, optimize rocker output, and operate more finely.
12. Professionally customized high rate lithium polymer 11.1v 1450mah 25C battery, high discharge rate, long service life, flight time of about 9-12 minutes, normal use up to 500 + recycling. It has the functions of preventing overcharge, over discharge and low power indication, which can effectively prolong the service life of the battery.
13. With special USB 11.1v lithium battery charger with charge balance and charge stability function.



Customer Reviews

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Tracy Lazorchak
No response from seller

I can’t get a call back from an item that I received that was used or not in tact.

Controls great!

They both controlled great! Had no issues connecting them to the control or learning how to fly them!

LaChelle Kane
Everything we expected.

I purchased this for my 4 year old son for Christmas. He had been asking for a big helicopter to play with so I got on here and found this one and another one that I purchased. He absolutely loves these and am actually going to purchase more soon.

Gar bear
Good model for the price

I absolutely love this little helicopter I am going to have to buy multiple because All my sons and my husband fight over it. It goes a long way and if you're not careful it could get away from you but it is so much fun to have.

Susan Dale
Great toy! Easy to fly!

All helicopter of This type have a shorter battery span. But this charges a bit quicker and is a TON OF FUN. Even my kids can fly it easily. for the price this is the one for indoor playing. The auto landing and hover features are great and make it easy to use. Perfect Christmas gift for you your favorite big kid