RC Boat HJ816 PRO Brushless 2 In 1 Racing Fishing Boat Trawler 55km/h High Speed RC Speedboat LED Outdoor Toys

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Color: Blue HJ816
Battery: 1 Battery
HJ816 PRO RC Boat Brushless 2 In 1 Racing Fishing Boat Trawler 55km/h High Speed RC Speedboat LED Outdoor Toys
  • Product Name: HJ816 PRO High speed RC racing boat
  • Product Number: HJ816 PRO
  • Remote Control frequency: 2.4GHz
  • HJ816 PRO Color: Gray/blue
  • HJ816 PRO Speedboat Battery: 11.1V 2500mAh lithium battery
  • Remote Control battery: 4xAA battery (not included)
  • HJ816 PRO Play time: About 12-20 minutes
  • Charging time: about 250-300 minutes
  • HJ816 PRO Remote control distance: about 200 meters
  • HJ816 PRO Maximum speed: about 55+ KM/H
  • HJ816 PRO Size: length 47.6* width 12.6* height 12.6cm
  • Color Box Size: length 48* width 22* height 17.5cm
  • Package weight: 2kg
  • Package size: 49cm * 23cm * 18.5cm

Note: HJ816 does not have the function of pulling the fishing net, HJ816 PRO has the function of pulling the fishing net! (Please select the corresponding version when ordering)

Product Features:
1, HJ816 PRO with before and after the colorful night lights, can be a key to control the hull of the light on and off the light, night can also be fun.
2. HJ816 PRO can pull the fishing net with one key to remove hook function, so that fishing enthusiasts can easily achieve single onshore casting net.
3. The hull is equipped with bidirectional low voltage warning (boat light flashing/remote control "drip drip" sound).
4, HJ816 PRO remote control after 5 minutes automatic power off sleep, the remote control more power saving.
5, HJ816 PRO can speed limit cruise, remote control can freely adjust the speed.
6, HJ816 PRO configuration of 540 motor, strong power, circulating water cooling device, more lasting life.
7, HJ816 PRO with large current jam protection function, effectively protect the electrical parts are not easy to damage.
8, overnavigation prompt, beyond the remote control distance remote control alarm (light flashing).
9, HJ816 PRO equipped with a ball rubber crash-resistant head, effective protection due to hull impact damage.
10, HJ816 PRO with self - turning function, after capsizing can be remote reset.
11, HJ816 PRO with radar tail design, more scientific and technological sense.
12, HJ816 PRO with double sealing waterproof structure, streamlined hull design, better waterproof performance.
13. The inner warehouse is designed with ugly-shielding device, and the inner space is more tidy and clean.
14, HJ816 PRO can be multiple competitive operation at the same time, the signal does not interfere with each other.

Package Includes:
HJ816 PRO RC speedboat *1
Remote control *1
Lithium battery *1
USB charger *1
Screw screw + hex nut *1
Open end wrench *1
Hexagon wrench *1
Anti-collision head *1
Display rack *1
Instruction Manual *1

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