Potensic ATOM 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Drone 249g 6KM Transmission Visual Tracking 4K30FPS GPS Quadcopter

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Potensic ATOM 4K Drone 3-Axis Gimbal 249g 6KM Transmission Visual Tracking 4K/30FPS GPS Quadcopter

Appearance size parameters:

Takeoff weight: <249g (takeoff weight includes battery propellers)
Actual weight of the whole machine: <249g
Dimensions (length, width, height): folded: 14.3 x8.8 x5.8cm; unfolded (including paddles): 30x24.2x5.8cm; unfolded (without paddles): 21x15.2x5.8cm
Diagonal wheelbase: 21.9cm

Flight performance parameters:
Flight speed (photography mode): ascending 2m/s, descending 2m/s, horizontal 6m/s
Flight speed (normal mode): ascending 4m/s, descending 3m/s, horizontal 10m/s
Flight speed (sports mode): ascending 5m/s, descending 4m/s, horizontal 16m/s
Maximum flight time: 32 minutes (measured at a constant speed of 5 meters/second without wind)
Maximum take-off altitude: 4000 meters
Satellite positioning system: GPS + GLONASS+Galileo+Beidou
Hover accuracy (vertical): ±0.1 meters (when visual positioning works normally); ±0.5 meters (when GPS positioning works normally)
Hovering accuracy (horizontal): ±0.3 meters (when visual positioning works normally); ±1.5 meters (when GPS positioning works normally)
Maximum attitude angle: 35°
Maximum wind resistance level: Level 5

Structural and electronic parameters:
Down-view module: optical flow + TOF
Power motor: brushless motor (4300KV)
ESC: FOC smart ESC
Optical flow solution: monocular camera
TOF solution: infrared ranging

FOV: 78°
Aperture: F2.2
Focus point: 3 meters-infinity
Camera SOC: HiSilicon solution
SENSOR: SONY (12 million) effective pixels 1/3 inch
Gimbal pitch adjustment range: photography mode: +20°~-90; normal mode, sports mode: 0°~-90
ISO range: 100~6400
Electronic shutter speed: 1/24s~1/25000s
Photo resolution: 4608*2592
Photo format: JPG/JPG+RAW(DNG)
Video resolution: 4K@30fps, 4K@25fps, 4K @24fps; 2.7K@30fps, 2.7K @25fps, 2.7K@24fps; 1080P@60fps, 1080P@50fps, 1080P@30fps, 1080P@25fps, 1080P@24fps
Video format: MP4 (H.264)
Video storage maximum code stream: 50Mbps
Support SD card format: FAT32, exFAT
Supported memory card types: Micro SD card; 4GB~256GB SD card transfer speed >class10 or U1 standard
Shooting distortion: <1% (after correction)
Exposure parameter adjustment: EV adjustment
Manually set camera parameters/white balance settings: support (automatic adjustment/manual adjustment)
Image transmission code rate: 700Kbps-3.6Mbps adaptive

Flight mode and intelligent flight parameters:
Gimbal fine adjustment: Supported (roll axis/yaw axis can be fine-tuned ±10°)
Gimbal pitch speed adjustment: supported (1-100°/s)
Quick switching of gimbal pitch angle: supported (0°/90° switching)
PTZ mode setting: Support (stabilization mode/FPV mode)
One-click short video: support (fading/soaring/circling/spiral/comet)

Capacity: 2230mAh
Rated voltage: 7.7V
Battery type: Li-Po 2S
Energy: 17.18Wh
Overall battery weight: 84g
Charging port: TYPE-C charging head
Charging time: <2H (TYPE-C maximum 5V/3A)
Balance protection, self-discharge protection, self-discharge protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, temperature protection, intelligent charging current limit, short circuit protection, battery health monitoring, communication functions: supported

About Potensic ATOM:
1. What sets the Potensic ATOM 4K Drone apart is its fusion of advanced technology and user-friendly design, making it a top choice for both amateur and professional aerial photographers and videographers. This high-tech drone is engineered with a 4K 3-Axis Gimbal Camera that captures high-resolution video and 12MP still images with unparalleled clarity. The 3-axis gimbal ensures smooth, stable footage, even under windy conditions, elevating your aerial shots to cinematic quality.

2. The Potensic ATOM 4K Drone is not only efficient but also durable, designed to withstand the challenges of outdoor filming. With a maximum flight time of 32 minutes and a transmission range of up to 6km, this drone offers extended opportunities to explore and capture your adventures from the sky. The ultra-precise GPS positioning, coupled with a Sony CMOS sensor, provides a max tilt range of +20° to -90°, allowing for a broad and vivid capture of scenes.

3. Enhanced smoothness is guaranteed thanks to the advanced 3-axis gimbal stabilization technology and an upgraded brushless motor, which work together to produce ultra-smooth footage and sharp still images, regardless of the environment. The PotensicPro App further improves the user experience by offering easy adjustments to picture and video settings, including ISO, shutter speed, white balance, resolution, and frame rates.

4. The Potensic ATOM 4K Drone smarter visual tracking employs a new algorithm for recognizing moving subjects, simplifying the process of automating shots for consistent and stable footage. With improved ultra-sensitive u-blox GNSS platform, the drone boasts enhanced performance and navigation, significantly reducing the risk of flyaway situations.

5. This lightweight drone is incredibly portable, easily fitting in your pocket, making it the perfect travel companion for on-the-go photography. Optimized power performance is achieved through all-new FOC ESC drivers, which enhance flight efficiency, reduce power consumption, and ensure smoother, more stable performance.

6. The Potensic ATOM 4K Drone maintains a stable and reliable connection over long distances, thanks to its 6km control range and Pixsync 3.0 Transmission, which ensures the delivery of 4K/UHD shots with precision. Precise hovering is achieved through a combination of GNSS, a downward vision system, and an infrared sensing system, allowing the drone to hover accurately and steadily.

7. Fly longer and farther with the Potensic Intelligent Flight Battery, which provides up to 32 minutes of flight time and includes protection against overcharging and over-discharging. The optional fast charging hub can recharge three flight batteries in just about 1.5 hours, ensuring you're always ready for your next flight.

8. Creative shots are made easy with intelligent flight modes, including QuickShots like Pull-away, Rocket, Circle, Spiral, and Boomerang, which allow for dynamic and engaging footage. The SurgeFly Flight Control System offers three speed modes to suit different filming needs, and the drone can take off and land with just one step, thanks to the easy-to-use app.

9. Smart auto-return functionality ensures the drone comes back safely in case of emergencies such as low battery, weak signal, or loss of control. The app also includes intuitive instructions and voice prompts to help users master their flight experience. With Remote Fota, firmware upgrades are seamless, keeping your drone up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

10. In summary, the Potensic ATOM 4K Drone with 4K 3-Axis Gimbal Camera is a sophisticated, durable, and efficient choice for anyone looking to capture stunning aerial footage with ease and confidence.

Potensic ATOM Features:
1. High-quality imaging: A brushless 3-axis gimbal and SonycmOS sensor that can shoot 4K/30fps videos and 12MP photos, provides a tilt range of +20 Degree to -90 Degree . Perfectly level shots, no matter how much you tilt
2. Smarter Visual Tracking: The Potensic ATOM 4K Drone features a new algorithm that is able to recognize the moving subject, and follow or orbit your subject with great ease
3. Improved GPS positioning: Equipped with the improved ultra-sensitive GNSS platform, provides stronger performance and enhanced navigation experience
4. Intelligent flying features: QuickShots (Pull-away, Rocket, Circle, Spiral, and Boomerang) and Intelligent Visual Tracking deliver creative shooting possibilities
5. PixSync 3.0 transmission technology: Maximum video transmission range is up to 6km/19685ft, allowing you to get stunning shots from a distance
6. Extended flight time: Offers a 32-minute maximum flight time; Optional Fast Charging Hub is available, fully charging 3 batteries only takes about 1.5 Hours
7. Improved camera setting: Adjustable ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance, Resolution, and Framerates
8. Less than 249g: An ultra-light, foldable drone that weighs less than 249g that is regulation-friendly
9. Level 5 wind resistance: At a wind speed of 10.7 m/s, the ATOM can still hover steadily and keep images stable
10. Intuitive flight controls: Offers one-tap takeoff and landing, stable hovering, and return to home features
11. Wider compatibility: Connected via USB OTG cable and works with the phone that with iOS11 & above, or Android 7.0 & above
12. App: PotensicPro

Potensic ATOM 4K Drone User Manual

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This is my first “real” drone

This is my first “real” drone, so I came into it with experience only with small indoor type toy drones. This thing is amazing! Very intuitive to fly and great piece of mind with the beginner features that won’t let it fly away. The camera has a great and takes amazing video and photos. I have been in communication a couple of times with customer service also and they are very helpful and responsive.