Hubsan ACE 2 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Drone Visual Obstacle Avoidance 16KM image transmission Professional aerial photography Quadcopter

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Color: 2 Battery Long Duration 4G Version

Hubsan ACE 2 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Drone Visual Obstacle Avoidance 16KM image transmission Professional aerial photography Quadcopter


Color: White
Hubsan ACE 2 Size: Expand: 229.55*178*73.6mm; Folding:118.7*172.5*67.6mm
Diagonal wheelbase: 260mm
Maximum current: 32A
Take off weight: 600g
Hover accuracy: Indoor: vertical ±0.1m, horizontal ±0.1m; Outdoor: height<7m, vertical<Height*0.02m; Horizontal<Height*0.02m; Height>7m,Vertical ±0.1m; Horizontal +0.5m
Maximum ascending velocity: 3m/s(N); 4m/s(S); 1m/s(F)
Maximum descending velocity: 1.5m/s(N); 3m/s(S); 1m/s(F)
Maximum horizontal flight speed: Normal mode:10m/s(N, No wind at sea level); Sports mode:16m/s(S, No wind at sea level); Movie mode:1m/s(S, No wind at sea level)
Maximum take-off altitude: 5000 meters
Maximum anti-wind capability: Grade 7 wind
Maximum tilt angle: 30°(s); 20°(N); 20°(F)
Satellite navigation system: GPS/GLONASS/Beidou
Hubsan ACE 2 Duration of flight: (Standard battery): Hovering for 33 minutes,Slow flight time 37 minutes,(Windless,measured in 2~4 meters hovering); ( Long life battery): Hovering for 45 minutes,Slow flight time 53 minutes,(Windless,measured in 2~4 meters hovering)

Propeller: Model: Folding propeller diameter 143mm; Colour: Black
Motor: Type: external brushless motor 1816KV value: KV2060
ESC: Digital ESC: Brushless 20A x4

Category: Li-ion battery 4S
Capacity: 3200mAh(Standard);5000mAh(Long Duration)
Nominal voltage: 14.4V
Charging voltage limitation: 16.8V
Discharge limitation: 8C
Charging time: 120 minutes
Battery weight: 230g(standard);300g( Long duration)
Working temperature: -10°-40°
Charging environment temperature: 0C~40C
Smart battery balance: Support
Battery Smart buckle: Support
Low power protection: Support
Struggle mode: Support
Electrical resistance monitoring: Support
HBLog: Support
Smart diagnosis: Support
Low temperature using: The lowest temperature support -35 °
Remote Lock: Support
Online Upgrade: Support
Bulging replacement: Support

CMOS lmage sensor: 1 inch, 20 million effective pixels
Lens specifications: FOV 85°, Aperture f/1.9, EFL: 6.8mm, Focus point 5m to infinity, Distortion <1.5%
Photo format: JPEG
Maximum photo size: 5472x3648
Hubsan ACE 2 Video resolution: 4K: 3840x2160@30fps, 2.7K: 2720x1530@30/60fps; FHD: 1920x1080@/30/60fps
Video format: MP4(H.265/HEVC)
Video bitrate: 100Mbps
HDR(Dual Native IOS): Support
Hlog: Support
Portrait Mode: Support
Night mode: Support
CPU power management: Support
Hubsan ACE 2 Short video mode: Match the Tiktok’s best resolution, bit rate and compression rate, the length of each video should not exceed 5 minutes
Film storage method: Built-in eMMC 8G; SD Cardat least U3 or Class10 16G/32G/64G/128G
Firmware upgrade: App online upgrade

lmage transmission solution: SyncLeas 4+
lmage transmission wideband: 20Mbps
lmage transmission delay: Within 200ms
Control delay: Within 40ms
Antenna: Built-in dual antenna
Default controller: HT18MF
EIRP: FCC :<=26dBm; CE: <=20dBm; SRRC: <=26dBm
Wireless transmission range: FCC: 16km;  CE:<=11km;  SRRC:<=14km
4G: Support built-in 4G

Flight controller version: Self-developed fourth generation flight control
Hubsan ACE 2Degree of freedom: The fourth generation of mechanical three-axis stabilization gimbal technology
Maximum pitch Speed: 120°/s
Rotation range: Pitch: -111.1°~+45°; Roll:±35°; Yaw: ±35°
Angle jitter: ±0.001°

Hubsan ACE 2 Flight controller version: Fourth-generation flight controller
Basic flight mode: Sports mode/Normal mode/Movie mode
Altitude hold: Tof, barometer
Fixed-point function: Vision optical flow, GPS
Unlock/lock: Outer- eight unlock/lock
One-click take-off/landing: APP support, remote control does not support
Out of control protection: Support
Low battery return: Support
The speed limit mode: Support
Waypoint flight: Support (including waypoint planning and waypoint memorization)
Flying around: Support (including waypoint planning and waypoint memorization)
Ray flight: Support
Time-lapse photography: Support
Auto drifting: Support
Blockbuster mode: Support
Intelligent cruising: Support
Chainsaw mode: Support
Motor stall protection: Support
Firmware upgrade: App online upgrade

Hubsan ACE 2 Visual perception: The second generation of visual obstacle avoidance algorithm
Home Vl (visual identity)(Search the Apron): Support
Forward: Forward Vision Precision Measurement Range 0.5-12m, Deviation value <0.5m, Detectable Range>15m
Backward: Backward Vision Precision Measurement Range 0.5m-9m, Deviation Value<0.5m, Detectable Range>12m
Downward: Downward Vision, Tof Precision Measurement range: 0.3-5m, Deviation value<0.lm
Vision Tracking: Third-Generation Tracking Technology

Image transmission solution: Syncleas 4 +
LED Display: Support
Working environment temperature: -5°-50°
Wireless image transmission distance: FCC: 16km; CE:<=11km; SRRC:<=14km
EIRP: FCC:<=26dbm; CE:<=20dBm; SRRC:<=26dbm
Built in battery: 5000mAh
Buzzer: Support
Working time: 3h(Normal flight time)
Rocker return to center accuracy: 4%
Supportable Interface Types: Lighting, MicroUSB, USB-C

APP: X-Hubsan2
Mobile device requirements: l0S 10.0 or higher; Android 6.0 or higher

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