HG P411 4x4 RC Car 110 Off-road Climbing Vehicle With Winch Light Sound Effect Smoke

Sale price$499.98

Color: Blue
Version: Standard
Battery/Charger: NO
HG P411 4x4 RC Car 1:10 Off-road Climbing Vehicle With Winch Light Sound Effect Smoke
  • Item No: HG P411
  • Scale: 1/10
  • Color: Yellow and blue
  • HG P411 Speed: 3.4km/h(low gear), 8.5km/h(high gear)
  • HG P411 ESC: 45A independent esc speed controller
  • HG P411 Motor: 540 brushed motor(strong magnetic 12000rpm)
  • HG P411 Servo: 9KG waterproof alloy gear digital servo
  • Frequency: 2.4G
  • HG P411 Channel: 16CH
  • Remote Distance: ≥ 100m
  • HG P411 Transmitter battery6X 1.5V AA batteries(not included)
  • HG P411 Battery: 7.4V 4500mAh 30C Lipo battery(optional)
  • HG P411 Required Charging Time: About 4 hours
  • HG P411 Support Playing Time: About 30 minutes
  • Material: Hardware, plastic and electronic components
  • Low Gear: 1:78.26
  • High Gear: 1:31.3
  • HG P411 Standard Car Weight: Around 6500g
  • HG P411 Upgraded Car Weight: Around 7000g
  • HG P411 Size: 595*246*320mm
  • Wheelbase: 281mm
  • Wheels Track: 149.5mm
  • Wheels Diameter: 118mm
  • Box Size: 750*308*353mm

The Difference of Standard Version VS Upgraded Version:
HG P411 Standard Version:(including axle electric differential lock, including iron frame)
HG P411 Upgradd Version: (added on the basis of standard configuration): lights, sound effects, winches, smoke generators, row lights.

1. HG P411 45A ESC: can switch between brake and no brake mode, and switch between Li-PO and NI-HM lithium battery protection modes
a. HG P411 ESC with low-voltage protection: When the battery voltage is too low, the ESC will start power-off protection
b. HG P411 High temperature protection: When the working temperature of the ESC is higher than the set value, the ESC will start power-off protection; when the temperature drops to the normal value, it will return to normal
2. HG P411 portal axle structure also adopts the wheel side reducer structure. Such an axle structure can greatly improve the ground clearance of the chassis
3. HG P411 with remote electric differential lock structure can independently lock or unlock the front and rear axle differentials to meet the needs of more terrain
4. HG P411 with Adjustable shock absorber, the best shock absorption effect can be obtained by adjusting the length of the shock absorber ring to compress or release the spring
5. HG P411 remote electric two-speed transmission ratio can be switched arbitrarily (TOP GEAR 1:31.3 LOW GEAR 1:78.26)
6. The throttle drive is adjusted in the middle position, the brake or no brake mode is switched, and the forward and reverse switching
7. HG P411 with Steering percentage amplitude adjustment, angle percentage and gearing percentage amplitude adjustment, forward and reverse switching
8. HG P411 with simulated lighting system and simulated sound system are suitable for any model car on the market (sold separately)
9. HG P411 with Remote smoke generator control, close-open (sold separately)
10. HG P411 with Universal metal transmission rod with variable stroke
11. 2.4G-16 channel full scale remote control system
Package Included:
1X RC Car
1X Operating Instructions
12X Nylon Cable Ties 3*150mm
1X P411 Car Shell Sticker
1X 1.5mm Socket Head screwdriver
1X 2.0mm Socket Head Screwdriver
1X 2.5mm Socket Head Screwdriver
1X Cross Hexagon (Small)
1X Open End Wrench (Small)
2X Sponge Double-sided Stickers
1X Fuel Tank Base
1X Exhaust Vent
1X Wheel Assembly
1X Lifts
1X Fuel Tank
1X Rear Fender Bracket L/R
1X Front Fender Bracket L/R
1X Spare Tire Bracket Assembly
1X Mirror Assembly L/R
2X Fender R
2X Fender L
3X Flanged Nylon Toothed Lock Nut
2X Cutting-Edge Machine Meters
2X Latch Screw (ø2.5x11mm x M3)
2X Latch Screw (ø2.5x12mm x M4)
16X Hexagon Socket TM Wire (ø2x4mm)
1X Hexagon Socket Head HB Screw (ø2x6mm)
2X Hexagon Socket Head KB Screw (ø2.6x8mm)
3X Hexagon Socket Head TB Screw (ø2.6x8mm)
2X Cross PB Screw (ø1.7x8mm)

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