DumboRC X10P-350 10CH 2.4GHZ 4.8-12V RC Transmitter with X10F Receiver for Remote Control Car Boat Tank Toy Accessories

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  • Brand: DumboRC
  • Model: X10P-350
  • ltem: RC Transmitter
  • Material: Plastic and metal
  • Color: Black
  • Battery: 4x AA battery (not included)
  • Channel: 10CH
  • Fit For: RC Car Boat Tank Model
  • Modulation Mode: GFSK
  • Radio Transmitter Distance: 350-400 meters
  • Receiver Voltage Range: 4.8-10V
  • Remote Control Voltage Range: 4.8-12V
  • Receiver Operating Current: 30mA
  • Remote Control Working Current: 80-120mA
  • Voltage Alarm: 10.8V /7.4V / 4.4V
  • RF Power: <20dbm
  • Product Size: 205*150*85mm
  • Weight: 265g
  • Spreading Mode: FHSS 67 channel pseudo-random frequency hopping

1. 2.4G spread spectrum technology, FHSS 67-channel pseudo-random frequency hopping,super anti-interference,full digital system ensures without loss of control and anti-jamming;
2. Support mixed control of CH1 and CH2, CH3 and CH4, with easier mixed control settings, less prone to accidental touch;
3. CH1,CH2 potentiometer signal;CH3,4,9,10 self-locking button signal;CH5,CH6 potentiometer signal(with gyroscope sensitivity adjustment),CH7 3-segment switch,CH8 jog button signal;
4. Independent setting of servo direction and travel for all channels;
5. Receiver integrated gyroscope (optional), ensure that the model goes straight, prevents drifting, and overturning.Gyro sensitivity is available;
6. The unique throttle speed limit adjustment function allows beginners to practice quickly and at a safe speed;
7. Debugging channels 3 and 4 can observe the servo changes, and you can set the channel you need when entering the setting mode, and the others remain unchanged;
8. After accidentally entering the settings mode, it will automatically exit in 5 seconds, and the memory will not lost, and the subsequent control can still be normal;
9. Transmitter voltage range: 4.8-12V, with automatic voltage identification alarmin 3 segments,low voltage alarm 4.4V|7.4V|10.8V
10. Receiver voltage range: 4.8-10V, operating current 30mA ,support work with high voltage servo;
11. Equipped with a voltage return receiver(optional) ,it supports return the vehicle's battery voltage;
12. Cost-effective, with brakes and fail-safe protection function, suitable for cars, boats, and tanks
13. There will be flashing music when switching on and off, automatic power off and alarm after 12 minutes, switching off after 15 minutes with no current;
14. Ergonomicallu design with 30-degree beveled steering wheel and optional installation of one-handed accessories;
15. Receiver with coach interface (Purchase wireless trainer moduleseparately).

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