Delivery Guarantee

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Option: Delivery Guarantee protects your order against loss, damage, and delay.
Guarantee safe delivery of your package by protecting them against loss, damage, and delay.
  • Arrival delay: Claim for $5 if your domestic package is not delivered within 10 days since fulfillment (30 days for international package).
  • Damage: Claim for up to the full value of your purchase if your items are damaged in transit.
  • Loss: Claim for the full value of your purchase if your domestic package is not delivered before the 30th day since fulfillment (60th day for international package).
  • Delivery Guarantee also includes carbon offsets for carbon emissions produced within the recipient’s destination country .
Visit Seel Resolution Center to easily resolve your package issues if any of the above happens.
Please note: Delivery Guarantee is a value-added service offered by Seel. Please don't purchase it as a stand-alone item.

Customer Reviews

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Jason Roberts
Twice Time Buyer, Twice Happy

I just want to say that as a two time user of this site, FUNYAT is a class act website, despite still in the process of honing their process.

Over a month ago, I bought an MJX Hyper Go 1430s as they were the only place selling them, and I bought another one a moth later when that first one went down the sewer. (I know...)

While the first time was of decent shipping time, the second time around was extremely fast, as I think they have switched from boat to airplane.

Buy from them with confidence. Even with this second order, as there was a misunderstanding, they offered to refund me $15 for the miscommunication.

'Great folks!