CFLY Faith MINI 230g GPS Drone 4K HD Camera 3-Axis Gimbal Professional Aerial Photography 3KM FPV RC Quadcopter

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color: Faith MINI 1 Battery

Aircraft (DF816D):
Dimensions: "Unfolded: 165 X 188 X 59 mm (L X W X H); Folded: 142 X 84 X 57 mm (L X W X H)"
Diagonal wheelbase: 218mm
Weight (including battery and paddles): about 230g (with three-axis gimbal)
Ascent speed: "4m/s (sports gear) ; 2.5m/s (normal gear) (can be set to 1-3m/s); 3.5m/s (return mode)"
Descent speed: "3m/s (sports gear); 2m/s (normal gear) (can be set to 1-3m/s); 3m/s (return mode)"
Horizontal flight speed: "14m/s (sports gear); 8m/s (normal gear) (can be set to 2-10m/s); 12m/s (return mode)"
Steering speed: 20°/s (default) (10-35°/s can be set)
Maximum flight altitude: 4000m
The longest flight time: 26min
Working environment temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Satellite positioning module: GPS/GLONASS dual mode
Hover Accuracy: "Vertical: +/- 0.5 meters; Horizontal: +/- 1.5 meters; ± 0.3 m (when optical flow positioning is working properly)"
Operating frequency: 5.8GHz
Flight altitude: default 120 meters, maximum 800 meters (app settings must be changed manually)

Optical flow positioning system:
Optical flow positioning system: yes
Use environment: "The surface has rich textures, and the lighting conditions are sufficient (>15 lux, normal indoor fluorescent lighting environment)"
Speed measurement range: flight speed ≤ 1.5m/s (height 2 meters, sufficient light)
Effective height: 0.5~6 meters

Three-axis gimbal:
Stabilization method: brushless motor mechanical stabilization
Controllable rotation range: Pitch: -90° to 0° (default setting); -90° to 15° (extended setting)
Pitch speed: 12°/s (default), can be set from 4°-28°/s
Stabilization system: three-axis (pitch +30/-120°, roll ±30°, direction ±30°)
Angle jitter: ±0.01°

Camera Specifications:
Image sensor: Sony Sensor CMOS
Photo size: 3840*2160 (8 million)
Recording video maximum resolution: 3840×2160 (4K) 15FPS, 2716×1524 (2.7k) 25FPS
Record video maximum stream: 25Mbps
Support file system: FAT32
Picture format: JPEG
Video format: MP4
Supported memory card type: MicroSD card, up to 128GB, Micro SD card with a transmission speed of c10 rating.
Working environment temperature: 0°C to 40°C

Flight battery:
Capacity: 2100mAh
Voltage: 7.7V
Battery Type: LiPo 2S
Energy: 16.17Wh
The overall weight of the battery: about 80g
Working environment temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Maximum charging power: 16 W
Charging time: < 2.5 hours (5V 2A power adapter)

APP / image transmission:
Mobile App: CFLY GO
Real-time image transmission: maximum 720P, resolution will be automatically switched according to usage conditions
Maximum image transmission distance: 3000m
Aerial photography mode: gradual distance mode, surround mode, soaring mode, spiral mode
Mobile phone system version requirements: Andrio 6.0 or above, IOS 10.0 or above

Input: 5V 2A (recommended, the power of the power adapter determines the charging time)
Output: 4.40V 1A×2
Rated power: 10W

Remote control:
Operating frequency: 5.8GHz
Maximum signal effective distance: 3000m
Equivalent isotropic radiated power (EIRP): <26 dBm (FCC), <20 dBm (CE/SRRC/MIC)
Working current: 700mA
Mobile device holder: thickness 6.5-8.5 mm, maximum length 80 mm
Battery capacity: 2600mAh
Use time: 2.5h (different mobile phones will vary)
Battery voltage: 3.7 V
Battery Type: LiPo 18650
Battery capacity: 9.62 Wh
Working environment temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Charging method: USB
Maximum charging power: 10W
Charging time: < 2.5h (5V 2A power adapter is recommended, its power determines the charging time)

Customer Reviews

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Surprisingly Good!

This Drone is Pretty Good considering its Price Point, it Flies really stable and the camera is decent, I highly recommend this drone for those who want to try out a budget beginner friendly drone that doesn't break wallet.

Great quality affordable drone with nice features

Great quality affordable drone with nice features

Linda S. Soto
Impressive Performance and Value

For the price this drone is a great starter drone. Allows you to get a feel for the controls. I bought the drone so I could get comfortable with flying one and using the controls and not crash and break something way more expensive.

Love this drone

Just want to start my saying I bought this drone for my son's 12th birthday and he's never had so much fun with anything. We enjoy taking the drone out to fly around and take amazing video and pictures, this drone wasn't hard to setup once it's connected it's took us not long to get use to the controller, I'm amazed by the distance of how far this drone goes. Very good buy and we're enjoying it