ZLL Beast EVO SG906 MAX3 RC Drone Upgrade Visual Obstacle Avoidance 3-Axis Gimbal 4K Camera GPS 5G WIFI Professional Quadcopter

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color: EVO SG906 MAX3 1Battery

Product parameters:
Model Number:  2023 ZLL Beast EVO SG906 MAX3
Obstacle avoidance: Upgrade front and rear visual obstacle avoidance
Repeater: (YES)
Maximum flight altitude: 500M
Control distance (Free interference and no occlusion): about 4000M
Wifi image transmission distance (Free interference and no occlusion): about 4000M
Image transmission receiving method: digital image transmission + strong relay signal
Bottom fill light: (YES)
3-axis mechanical self - stabilizing head: brushless motor gimbal
Obstacle avoidance detection range: ≤10M
Pressure sensor:Height setting
Brushless Motor: 1806
Motor power: 1700/KV
Electric power adjustment: 30A
Remote control phone clip size (supports the largest phone size): 7 inches
Remote control battery: Built-in 3.8v 3000mah rechargeable lithium battery
Capacity of smart lithium battery: 11.4V 3000mAh
Flight time: about 30 minutes
Charging time: about 8 hours
USB Charging (5V): (YES)
Body size/folded: 17.4x8.4x7cm/28.3x25.3x7cm"
Size of outer case: 63*35*43CM
Product's Weight: 576.8g
Battery weight: 173.2g
Package weight: 1680 g

Aerial imaging configuration parameters:
APP name and system: XIL MAX (system: IOS Android)
Gimbal angle vertical (adjustment angle range): 110° automatic repair
Gimbal angle sideways (adjustment angle range): 65° automatically repaired
Gimbal angle horizontal (adjustment angle range): 45° automatic repair
Optical Flow Positioning: (YES)
4K HD camera: (YES)
Camera lens: Adjustable camera by transmitter, 110°
GPS Follow me: 15M
Waypoint flight: (YES)
Soaring into the sky, drifting away, spiraling up: (YES)
Fixed point surround: (YES)
MV: filters, video effects, adding background music, picture/video sharing Photo/video share: (YES)
GPS/GLONASS double mode: (YES)

Mobile phone without card:
Photo: 3840*2160P
Video: 1920*1080P
Memory card SD after inserting the card:
Photo: 3840*2160P
Video: 3840*2160P
Phone after inserting the card:
Photo: 3840*2160P
Video: 1920*1080P
Download the SD card in the APP to the mobile phone:
Photo: 3840*2160P
Video: 3840*2160P
SD card maximum support: 128G
Main camera video maximum stream: 60Mbps
Transmission frame rate (front camera): Frame rate: 25 fps

Note: The maximum SD card supported by the drone: 128GB SDHC/SDXC UHS-I Speed Grade 1 or UHS-I Speed Grade 3 microSD. It is recommended to use a mainstream brand microSD card with a minimum write speed of 30MB/s or more. Other low-speed cards are not only possible It will cause the video and pictures to fail to be stored, and may also cause image transmission freezes, APP crashes.

1. Relay: The remote control has a built-in relay device to enhance the remote control and image transmission signals, compensate for signal attenuation, and make the distance between remote control and image transmission longer and the signal more stable.
2.360° obstacle avoidance function: The obstacle avoider detects whether there is an obstacle in the forward direction of the aircraft through laser scanning. If an obstacle is detected within 20 meters, the remote control will issue an alarm, and the drone will automatically hover and cannot move forward
3. One-key GPS return to the take-off point, low power return, and no signal return.
4. GPS smart follow, fixed-point orbit, multi-point planning flight, one-key skyrocketing, fading away, spiral rising
5. Aircraft retrieval function


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mike Riccobono
Very good quality

This is my initial quad drone. It has a good company tutorial and the manual is very good and easily understood. The quality of the product is very good and Holy Stone seems to support it quite well. Can't comment on performance yet since i received it a little over a week ago and weather hasn't been suitable for first flights with either wind or rain. I'm looking forward to evaluating its performance and the online reviews have been pretty favorable. I hope my background in radio control aircraft will make it easier to fly.

My Dad loves it!!!

Got this Drone for my Dad's bday and he couldn't wait to open the box! He's been wanting a drone for a longest time!!

Robert Sexton
Great Drone Great Customer service!!!

I absolutely love this drone. The carrying case it comes in is fantastic and durable. The drone flies amazingly and takes really good steady video.

Bill W
Great Drone

Lots of YouTube videos on how to get started. Good user manual. Nice carrying case for all of the components.
Good quality video and pictures.